Letter from Dr. Maria

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We would like to thank all of our wonderful clients for your friendship and support. We enjoy being a part of your pets’ lives and helping you keep them healthy and happy. The personal and working relationships we have developed with you over the years makes Pacific Veterinary Center a great place to work.

Veterinary care is not inexpensive and some may find it difficult making decisions regarding the care that may be required. As veterinarians, we always provide the best diagnostic and treatment plan based on our training and experience. At times, the best treatment plan may not be possible financially. We are here to help you make the best decisions for both you and your pet. We can provide alternative diagnostic and treatment plans to best address your needs while discussing risks and benefits of the treatment options provided. Always feel free to talk to us about your concerns.

Pet insurance has improved greatly over the years. Some provide basic and advanced coverage while others provide accident and illness coverage. Every policy is different; however, we have been happy with the coverage and our clients’ experience with two particular companies. We would be happy to discuss our experiences with you. We also provide a link on our website to a site that compares all of the current pet insurance companies.

Dental health is very important to overall health and the dental care we provide our patients differs from that provided by most hospitals. Veterinary technicians are permitted by the state to do the dental cleaning. Our hospital policy is more strict than state law. The veterinarians at Pacific Veterinary Center perform and are responsible for anesthesia administration, dental cleanings and dental extractions. Our veterinary technicians monitor the patient during the procedure using advanced monitoring equipment. Since we treat every patient as if it is our own, we feel more comfortable providing our dental services in this manner. However, we are very aware of financial constraints, so we have made an adjustment in our dental package prices to help you provide needed dental care.
Dental scaling at groomers, by unlicensed personnel is currently considered an illegal practice by California State Law. These laws are set in place for the protection of your pet. We do provide cosmetic hand scaling without sedation for patients who have tartar but no periodontal or gum disease. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding these procedures.


Maria Castiglione, DVM